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 Shipment Tracking for Expedited Orders

  1. To improve trust, safety, and the user experience on the site, sellers who offer expedited shipping will need to enter tracking information into the Half.com website for all expedited orders within 3 business days of making a sale.

    Note: The policy change outlined above only impacts orders where the buyer has paid for expedited shipping. Sales with standard shipping will not be affected by this policy change.

  2. Sellers can enter tracking information when they mark transactions as shipped via their My Account Sales page, when they use eBay to print a shipping label, through the CompleteSale API, through File Exchange, or PayPal.

    Note: Half.com uses the eBay shipping label feature to help sellers print labels. Find out more about printing shipping labels on eBay.

  3. If tracking is not uploaded within 3 business days, expedited shipping will be disabled on the seller's account and will not be available as a shipping option on the seller's current and future listings.

  4. In order to re-enable expedited shipping, sellers must upload tracking for all outstanding expedited orders within 3 business days after the expedited shipping option was disabled; otherwise, expedited shipping will be permanently disabled on the seller's account until the seller contacts Half.com Customer Support to review and approve re-enabling expedited shipping.