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 Seller's Handbook - Half.com Shops

What is a Half.com shop?

A Half.com shop is a place on the site where buyers can come to see all the inventory offered by a particular seller. They will also be able to view important statistics about the seller.

As a seller, you automatically receive a Half.com shop for FREE! Any time a Half.com member clicks on your seller name, they will be taken to your Half.com shop. Here they will be able to browse your full inventory by drilling down into any categories that you have inventory in. Most importantly, these buyers will be able to buy an item directly from your store without seeing it offered from other sellers.

How can I get rewarded for great service?

One of the features we have created along with Half.com shops is the ability for any Half.com member to maintain a "Favorite Sellers" list. A member can put any seller on their Favorites list which will give them a place to go to buy from seller's who they have had a good experience with.

So now, when you provide great service, we would encourage you to ask your buyers to put you on their favorite sellers list and come back and check your inventory regularly.

How can I sell more items?

When we created the new shops feature, we made it even cheaper for buyers to find great values on Half.com. Now, when they buy more than one item from the same seller, shipping on subsequent items will be much cheaper. Don't worry, nothing has changed about the way we reimburse you, the seller. This additional shipping discount is being absorbed by Half.com in an effort to encourage buyers to purchase more items from great sellers like you.

How can I market my Half.com shop?

Now that you have a place where you can send buyers to shop only your inventory, we would encourage you to remind your customers to check your Shop often for the great deals and service you are offering. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Tell customers, friends, and family to visit your shop at your very own URL:

  • Print up package inserts for your buyers with your shop URL and asking them to place you on their favorite sellers lists.

  • Be creative!