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 Selling - Inventory Tips

Inventory Tips

In order to ensure your continued success as a seller, we encourage you to make sure your prices, conditions, and descriptions are up to date and correct. We have found that sellers who re-price and refresh their inventory on a regular basis experience higher sales volumes. Additionally, it is important for us at Half.com to ensure that our buyers are purchasing from active and attentive sellers.

Here are some tips we have found to be successful in improving sales on the site.

Tip One - Adjust Prices

With the Manage Inventory page, we have made it simple to review your prices and adjust them according to the demand on the site. With our Repricing Tool we show you the average price the item has sold for, the price at which the item last sold on Half.com, and the current price range of the items listed on the site. We have also made it simple to change many item prices all at the same time.

Here are the steps to find your inventory using the Repricing tool.

  1. Go to your My Account page. You may be asked to sign in.

  2. Click the Manage Inventory link on the left side of the page.

  3. Select the category you would like to modify. (i.e. Books, Music, or Computers)

  4. At the top of your inventory you will see 2 tabs. Click the Repricing Mode tab.

Now you can easily update any item price by simply finding the item, changing as many prices on the page as you like, and clicking update inventory at the bottom of the page.

Tip Two - Change the item Description

Changing the description on an item could help to make an item more marketable. Many members have found the following to be successful in increasing the sale of their items.

  1. Use keywords such as never used, factory sealed, or nearly new, to catch the eyes of your potential buyer.

  2. Make sure to add a comment even if it is only restating the condition or is very short. Some buyers will not buy an item with no description.

Tip Three - Modify the Condition

Check your inventory to make sure the condition is correct. This will ensure that any items that may have mistakenly been listed with the incorrect condition are up-to-date. On the Manage Inventory page, you can also use the Edit Tool to modify the condition or quantity easily. When you first enter the Manage Inventory page, and select the category, you will be taken directly into the Edit Mode.

Here you will find that you can edit any condition, quantity, or price. Then simply click Update Inventory at the bottom of the page and once again you have successfully updated your inventory.

Making changes such as these will improve your sales and keep your inventory fresh. Buyers will be more likely to find your item and purchase from you!