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 Selling - Sell It Now

What is ‘Sell It Now’?

‘Sell It Now’ allows you to fulfill an order without waiting for the buyer to purchase the item from you. This appears during the listing process of your item; before you specify the amount you desire to list your item for. If your seller rating and item condition matches the criteria the buyer specified for the Pre-Order, this ‘Sell It Now’ option will appear. To avoid order problems, it is extremely important that you accurately describe the items that you list. If you do not do so Half.com reserves the right to withhold payment for items that are in our judgment inconsistent with Half.com’s Quality Rating Policy or Listing Policies.

If you receive a notice that a buyer would like to Pre-Order the item and you agree to the amount they wish to purchase the item for, check the box next to ‘Sell It Now for $<amount specified by the buyer>’. After your Pre-Order sale has processed within the next few hours you will receive a ‘You’ve Made a Sale’ email notification. 

How will I know if a buyer has Pre-Ordered the item?

You will know when a buyer has requested the Pre-Order of an item when you see the option to ‘Sell It Now’ for the price specified by the buyer.

How do I know if my ‘Sell It Now’ order went through successfully?

After agreeing to fill a buyer’s Pre-Order, you will be directed to a ‘Congratulations, your item has been sold!’ page. You will also receive a ‘You’ve Made a Sale’ email notification concerning the order and be able to verify the order through your ‘Sales’ page from your ‘My Account'. Please be sure to ship your item out within 72 business hours from the order date.