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 Selling - Inventory Snapshot

What is inventory snapshot?

Inventory snapshot is a feature that allows sellers to request a current "snapshot" of their inventory. We call this a "snapshot" because it is a view of your inventory at the time we process your request. Because inventory can change so rapidly, it is important for you to keep in mind that by the time you look at your snapshot file you may have had sales or other actions that have changed the status of some items. You can access the inventory snapshot feature by going to the Sales Management page in My Account.

What information is included in my inventory snapshot?

Your inventory snapshot is delivered in .csv (comma separated values) format and includes the following information for each item:

  • ISBN

  • UPC

  • CPID

  • Product Name (this is the title of your item)

  • Category ID (this is the Half.com category name that your item belongs to)

  • Format (e.g. paperback/hardcover, DVD/VHS, etc)

  • Quantity (will display the quantity you have listed; if the item is suspended it will display "Suspended"; if last item is currently in a Buyer's cart, "In Cart" will be displayed)

  • Condition

  • Price

  • Notes

  • SKU (This is an seller supplied tracking/inventory number that some sellers use.)

  • MinPriceCondition (the current lowest price in the same condition as your item)

  • MinPrice (the overall lowest price in all conditions)

NOTE: Not all items will have full information for every parameter. (For instance CDs and Movies do not have ISBN numbers). If there is no information available for a specific parameter, the corresponding field in your snapshot will be left blank.

What items will be included in my inventory snapshot?

Your snapshot will include all active and suspended items in your inventory at the time the snapshot is processed. Suspended items will be denoted by "Suspended" appearing in the quantity field. Additionally, if your last available item for a specific title is in a Buyer's shopping cart at the time the snapshot is taken this will be noted.

Example 1:
If a buyer has an item in their shopping cart, and this is the last item (in quantity) you have available for the selected title, "In Cart" will display in the Quantity field.

Example 2:
If a buyer has one of your items in their cart for which you have a specific quantity, the quantity in your file will be reduced by one. For instance, if you have 10 copies of "The Matrix" listed and at the time we process your snapshot two buyers have placed your "The Matrix" item in their carts, your inventory snapshot will show a quantity of 8 available.

Who can use inventory snapshot?

Inventory snapshot is available to all sellers with less than 50,000 titles in their inventory. Unfortunately, we cannot currently support inventory snapshot for sellers with more than 50,000 items.

How often can I request an inventory snapshot?

You are allowed to submit one inventory snapshot request each 24 hour time period. If you try to request another snapshot before your 24 hour period is over, you will be informed that you need to wait until you are eligible to re-submit your request.

How is my inventory snapshot delivered?

Your inventory snapshot will be delivered via email in one of two ways.

If the file is smaller than 1MB we will attach it to your email.

If your file is larger than 1MB we will provide a link in your notification email to download the file. In order to download the file, first make sure you have an active connection to the Internet and then click on the link in your email. You will be prompted to either "Save" or "Open" your file. Select "Save" and select a location on your computer where you can open the file from.

How long should it take for me to receive my inventory snapshot?

Typically you should receive your inventory snapshot in under a few hours. If we have received a high volume of requests, it could take up to 12 hours to process your request.

How can I open my inventory snapshot?

Your inventory snapshot is delivered in .csv (Comma Separate Value) format. Any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel will open a .csv file.

If you choose to have your file compressed for quicker download you will need to unzip the file prior to opening it with a spreadsheet application. You may unzip a .zip file with WinZip.

WinZip is available for download at: http://www.winzip.com/ddchomea.htm

How long is each inventory snapshot available?

If your inventory snapshot is not attached to your email, it will be held on our servers for 2 days from the time you requested it. If those two days have expired and you are unable to download your snapshot, you should request a new snapshot.