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 Selling - Managing Your Inventory

Once I have listed my items, how do I make changes?

Clicking "Manage Inventory" from the "My Account" page will give you a list of your entire inventory organized by category. From here you can edit, delete, or suspend any item you have in inventory by clicking the appropriate link - you can even search your inventory to find any of your items!

I think I have misplaced one of my listed items, how can I remove it temporarily?

Click the "Suspend" link for any item in your inventory. This will remove the item from inventory on a temporary basis. You will see the status change from Active to Suspended upon clicking this link. Clicking "Activate" will put the item back in inventory and change the status from Suspended to Active.

How do I permanently remove an item from inventory?

Click the "Delete" link for any item in your inventory. This will permanently remove the item from your inventory.

I'm going away for a few weeks, can I temporarily remove ALL of my items from inventory?

Yes. Click the "Vacation Settings" link, then click "Leave for Vacation" either from the "My Account" page, the "Manage Inventory" page, or the individual category Inventory page. This will make your entire inventory unavailable. When you return, click "Return from Vacation" to make your inventory available again.

Please note that if you are going on vacation you should place your account on vacation at least 24 hours before going on vacation. This is to ensure that you don't receive any last minute orders just prior to leaving home.

Please also note that by going on vacation, this eliminates you from receiving any new orders; however please understand that you are still responsible to respond to any emails about order problems in the last 90 days.

My items are not showing in my inventory.

Please note that your item will not appear for sale until roughly 2 hours from the time it is listed.

If your item does not appear 2 hours from the time it is listed, you may want to check your account hub for a failed credit card. To do this, please go to "My Account", and look for the red outlined box at the top of the page. You may see the message, "Items listed are not available for purchase due to failed credit card verification." If so, this is the reason your items are not appearing. Click here for information on how to resolve this.

How can I show people my inventory?

Buyers can easily be directed to your Half.com Seller Info page, or Shops page, which shows information about your Feedback Score, what you're offering for sale, and other statistics, by using this simple link...


...then you'll want to add your User ID to the end of the link. For example, if your User ID was SellonHalf, the link would look like this:


I am unable to browse my inventory.

When there are more than 2,000 items in a category, the pages become too large and they time out before they can load completely.

If any one category in your inventory has 2,000 items or more, you will be unable to browse that category page by page. You will need to search for items in your inventory using the search box provided by Keyword, ISBN or UPC.