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 Selling Half.com Inventory on eBay

    Qualified Half.com sellers can choose to have their Half.com listings appear automatically on eBay.com at no additional cost.

    To sell your Half.com items on eBay you need to:

    • Be a registered eBay seller in the U.S. To learn more, see Creating a Seller’s Account

    • Have a Business or Premium verified PayPal account in good standing. To learn more, see Upgrading your PayPal account

    • Specify a return policy that will apply to all Half.com listings

    • Agree to ship to the entire U.S. on core listings (including AK, HI, APOs, and PO boxes) waiving any of your current Half.com seller shipping restrictions

    Check your qualification for listing on eBay by going to your Half.com "My Account" page, and clicking the "Sell on eBay" link.

    You can remove your Half.com listings from eBay.com at any time by clicking the “Do Not Sell My Items on eBay” button.

    Learn more about selling on eBay.

    How it works

    You don't need to make changes to your Half.com business
    • Continue listing on Half.com as you do today. For most sellers, that’s through the Sell Your Item page.

    • All sales on Half.com are processed as usual. You'll be notified through Half.com and paid by direct deposit to your bank account twice each month.

    The option to show your listings on eBay.com is managed on Half.com
    • When you choose to sell on eBay.com, your Half.com listings will show up in eBay.com.

    • This option applies to your entire inventory. You can't select specific items to be listed on eBay.com.

    • If you make any changes to your Half.com listings, the changes will be reflected automatically on eBay.com. This means, for example, that any price changes, new listings, or deleted listings will show up in both Half.com and eBay.com.

    Your eBay.com sales will be recorded in My eBay
    • When a shopper purchases your Half.com listing on eBay.com, the transaction shows up in My eBay. It will not be reflected in your Half account.

    • Payments for your eBay.com sales are deposited immediately into your PayPal account.

    • To help you manage your inventory, your My eBay selling record, including the File Exchange tool, will show where your inventory was listed and sold so you can clearly identify Half.com inventory that's sold on eBay.com.

    Your seller fees will not increase because you list on both Half.com and eBay.com
    • Insertion fees will remain free for all items listed through Half.com.

    • Selling fees and how you are paid differ depending on whether you sell your item on Half.com or eBay.com.

      1. If your Half.com listings sell on eBay.com, you will be charged a PayPal fee and an eBay.com Final Value Fee (see the example below).

      2. If your Half.com listings sell on Half.com, you will receive the current Half.com shipping reimbursement rates.

      3. If your Half.com listings sell on eBay, you will receive the full shipping amount that the buyer pays.

    • Your fees may be even lower if you’re eligible for discounted PayPal Merchant Rates (visit www.paypal.com for details about Merchant Services).


    Your book sells for $25 on eBay

    Your book sells for $25 on Half.com

    Buyer pays price of book


    Buyer pays price of book


    Shipping fees reimbursed by eBay (hardcover book)


    Shipping fees reimbursed by Half (hardcover book)


    PayPal fees*


    Half.com fees


    Payment to you, immediate


    Payment to you, biweekly


    eBay fees, invoiced monthly


    Net amount from sale


    Net amount from sale


    * Calculated at the base PayPal rate (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction). Your fees may be as low as 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction based on your monthly PayPal volume.

    Listing your Half.com inventory on eBay.com can increase the number of potential customers and may increase your sales. There is no additional cost for listing your inventory on both platforms.

    Check your eligibility for eBay.com by going to your Half.com "My Account" page, and clicking the "Sell on eBay" link.