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What is a shop? Shops is a new area on the site that enables you to browse a seller's full inventory. As a buyer, you can browse and buy items directly from a seller's shop. Other handy features include an at-a-glance view of important seller statistics, and the ability to create your own favorite sellers list!

Best of all, when you purchase more than 1 item from a seller in the same order you will SAVE ON SHIPPING!

As a seller, you automatically receive a shop for FREE!


How do I save on shipping?

When you purchase more than 1 item from a seller in the same order you will SAVE ON SHIPPING!

There are 2 easy ways to shop: Browse and buy from a seller's shop.

How much can I save on shipping?

All Books, Music, Movies, Games and Game System sellers offer shipping discounts to buyers who purchase more than one item from their inventory. Shipping discounts will be applied to your order during the checkout process.

The new Shipping Rates that reflect these discounts are found at our  Help Desk page, Buying - Shipping Charges.

How do I find a seller's shop?

Is there a seller from whom you've purchased and had a good experience in the past? You can find their Shop by going to your purchases in the My Account area and clicking on the seller's name.

You can also bookmark your favorite sellers by clicking the Add to favorites link in the same area or using the link on the seller's shop. You'll have a handy sellers list to reference each time you shop at!


Sell More Items and Market your Shop

As a seller, you automatically get a Shop for FREE!

With Shops, you now have a place to send buyers to shop only your inventory! We encourage you to remind your customers to check your Shop often for the great deals you are offering. You can do this in a variety of ways:

Tell customers, friends, and family to visit your shop at your very own URL:

Print up package inserts for your buyers with your shop URL and ask them to place you on their favorite sellers list.

Be creative! Buyers who purchase more than 1 item from your shop will receive a shipping discount, but don't worry, you will still receive the same shipping reimbursements.