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 Half.com Policies - Listing Policies

Listing Policies

To help users properly list items, we've highlighted some listing policies and describe how we handle listing violations when they are reported to us.

Proper category listing

Items must be listed in the appropriate category and may not be materially different from its cataloged ISBN/UPC.  An item is materially different if the ISBN/UPC is in any way different from the ISBN/UPC product information on the site.  Items must be listed by the ISBN or UPC printed onto the product by the manufacturer.  It is not appropriate to use the seller description fields to describe a product different from the ISBN/UPC in the product information already provided by Half.com.  Half.com only allows Book, Movies, Music, Games, Game Consoles to be sold on our site.  Please contact eBay for more information regarding whether listing these items is permissible on the eBay site.

Policy: Items that don't belong in a category will be removed.

Some types of material differences include but are not limited to the following and cannot be listed on Half.com:

  • international editions

  • teacher's/instructor's editions

  • instructor solution manuals

  • review copies of textbooks

  • annotated instructor's edition

  • softcover books listed under hardcover ISBNs/editions

  • pdf files

  • scanned textbooks

  • test banks

  • solutions manuals with no ISBN

  • older editions listed under newer ISBN/UPC

  • book club editions

  • uncorrected proofs

  • advanced reading copies of books

  • screener copies of movies

  • out of print books without an ISBN

  • braille books

  • promotional music cd's

  • cassette, LP 8-track music formats

  • music club cd's such a BMG or Columbia House

Advertisements and Credits

Half.com does not permit sellers to place within their listings advertisements for 3rd party companies, products or services unrelated to the item being sold -- listings may only describe the item for sale on Half.com

Bonuses, giveaways, raffles and prizes

Listings that promote bonus items, giveaways, or random drawings or prizes as an enticement for buyers are not permitted on Half.com as these promotions are highly regulated and may be unlawful in many states. Half.com itself may run such promotions on the site, and may grant authorization to its partners or third party companies to run promotions, that comply with applicable laws.

Policy: These types of listings are not permitted and will be removed.

Terms and Conditions contradictory to any Half.com Policy

  • Misleading listing titles

  • Key word spamming
    Excessive use of key words, including (but not limited to) brand names, which are referenced for the purpose of attracting or diverting members to a listing will be considered key word spamming and is not permitted. Please click here for further clarification on this policy.

    Policy: These types of listings are not permitted and will be removed.

  • Links
    Users may not place a link to another web page in the description portion of their listing.

    Policy: The links are not permitted and will be removed.

Repeat offenses

If a seller repeatedly lists items that violate the terms of the Half.com, that seller is subject to suspension.

Please be sure to check our Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items pages.

Report a Listing Policy Violation

To report a listing violation, click on the link below. On the following page, insert the entire URL from the item in question, along with a detailed message pertaining to the issue at hand, then click the 'Send' button.

Report a Listing Policy Violation

Unfair Category Gouging

Unfair Category Gouging happens when one seller lists numerous like items in one condition category, thus forcing their competition off of the main page, eliminating fair comparison for the buyers.

Policy: Excessive listings will be removed.