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 Half.com Policies - Buyer Protection Policy

What is the Half.com Buyer Protection Policy?

We make every effort to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. This means that items you purchase should be delivered to you and should be usable when they arrive. There are times however when a purchase doesn't work out as it should. To protect our Buyers, we offer the Buyer Protection Policy. Every Half.com Buyer is covered under the Buyer Protection Policy for the first $750 of every purchase, subject to the guidelines below.

How does a Buyer use Half.com's Email Forwarding System?

To use Half.com's email forwarding system, please follow the directions below:

  • Click the "My Account" button near the top right of the page. You may be asked to sign in.

  • Click on the "Purchases" link.

  • Your most recent purchases will be listed on this page.

    • If the purchase in question is not on this page, you can choose a past view from the drop down menu to the right next to "Period:" Then click "Go".     

    • If the purchase in question is not on this page and you have the transaction number, enter it in the "Search Transaction" box and click the "Search button."

      If the purchase in question is not on this page and you do not have the transaction number, you can locate the purchase by the Seller ID and clicking the "Search button."

  • Click on the "Contact Seller" button.

  • Enter any comments you may have for the seller.

  • Click the "Send Message" button.

What are the Guidelines of Half.com's Email Forwarding System?

You must attempt to resolve your problem with the Seller through Half.com's email forwarding system before you submit a Buyer Protection Claim. While there may occasionally be problems, most problems are simple misunderstandings. In addition, you may not contact the seller (or submit a Buyer Protection Policy Claim to Half.com) if you have instructed your credit card company to charge back the disputed item. Buyers that go through their credit card company to dispute a charge may have their Half.com membership suspended.  Buyers and sellers may use the Email Forwarding System for 60 days after the order date.

What should I do if I have a problem?

A Buyer must first contact the Seller through the Half.com Email Forwarding System, if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Item was never received - An item that should have arrived has not.  Please note that Half.com is not responsible for items which are returned or lost due to an error in the shipping address listed at Half.com provided by the buyer, including being returned for undeliverable as addressed, refused, unclaimed, etc.  Please see our Help Desk regarding Additional Shipping charges.

  • An item is "materially different" from the way it was rated - An item is materially different if it does not work, is damaged, or varies significantly in quality from the way it is listed. Many items listed at Half.com are previously-owned, so some wear and tear is to be expected. However, there are several clear cases of material difference that should not occur. As a general rule, an item should never be more than 2 condition descriptions below its listed condition. To learn more about quality conditions, please consult Quality Rating policy. Some types of material differences might be: international editions listed in an inappropriate category; pdf files; solutions manuals with no ISBN, etc.

  • An incorrect item is shipped to you - For example, you order one book and get another

  • An item was damaged during shipping - The item appears to have been damaged by the shipping carrier.

  • I received an empty package - Packaging will arrive with no contents, usually opened and accompanied by a notice from the shipping carrier.

After you have attempted to contact the seller and no resolution could be reached, you may file a claim through the Half.com Buyer Protection Policy. You may not contact the seller (or submit a Buyer Protection Policy Claim to Half.com) if you have instructed your credit card company to charge back the disputed item. Buyers who go through their credit card company to dispute a charge may lose their privilege to buy or sell on Half.com

What are the Guidelines for the Buyer Protection Policy?

When you order on Half.com, we provide an estimated arrival date for each item in your order. The vast majority of the items you order will arrive within that timeframe. In rare instances, items will take somewhat longer to arrive due to shipping carrier delays and other factors beyond the seller's control. Because of this, we encourage buyers to contact their seller through the Half.com Email Forwarding System. Most issues can be resolved amicably via email between buyer and seller. A Buyer Protection Claim cannot be filed until the seller has been contacted at least once via the Email Forwarding System.

  • The "Contact Seller" button should be visible as soon as a buyer places an order.

  • The "File Claim" button should be visible 2 working days after the "Contact Seller" button has been used.  Buyers may file a claim for "not received" after the estimated arrival date has passed.

  • Buyers have a maximum of 60 days from the date of the order to file a Buyer Protection Claim.  **Note: the "Contact Seller" button must have been used first allowing for 48 business hours to have passed so that a claim can be filed by the 60th day.

Buyers may be limited as to the number of claims that can be filed if there is sufficient evidence that the claims process is being abused. There is a $750 per item limit on the Buyer Protection Policy. However, there are situations that need to be investigated further, and for this reason we will review each claim on a case by case basis. Claims for "not received" may not be reviewed until 30 days from the order date to allow the item ample time to arrive. A claim may take over 30 days to fully investigate and come to a complete resolution. Please note that an investigation does not guarantee that a refund will be issued for the transaction. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. You may not contact the seller or submit a Buyer Protection Policy Claim to Half.com if you have instructed your credit card company to charge back the disputed item. Buyers who go through their credit card company to dispute a charge may lose their privilege to buy or sell on Half.com.

Buyers may not file a Buyer Protection Claim on any purchase where the seller had a feedback score of -1 or less at the time of the purchase.

What happens after I submit my Buyer Protection Claim to Half.com?

Once a claim has been submitted, it is sent to our Trust and Safety team for review. They may need to contact one or both of the transacting parties for more information. If the problem can't be resolved, a refund and/or return may be issued/requested at the discretion of Half.com, and Half.com may debit a seller's account. Refunds to the buyer will be issued to the original credit card used for the transaction. Refunds will appear on your credit card statement in accordance with the rules and regulations of your credit card issuer. Please see your card agreement for more details.

It is strongly recommended that sellers purchase a tracking service and insurance to protect themselves against loss. Half.com reserves the right to make adjustments to a seller's account balance in the event of a member dispute, fraud or seller non-performance. Sellers can review this policy here.              

Fraud will never pay at Half.com

Attempts to abuse the Half.com Buyer Protection Policy will be investigated very seriously. Half.com reserves the right to suspend the membership of any Buyer or Seller we feel has attempted to commit fraud by misusing this policy for his or her own personal gain. Half.com also reserves the right to reduce your Seller's account balance, withdrawal from a Seller's Direct Deposit account or charge the Seller's credit card in order to recover damages related to fraud. In addition, abuse of this policy is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.