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 Deleting Cookies and Clearing Cache



  • Click the "Safari" menu

  • Select Empty Cache

  • Click Empty

  • Click the "Edit" menu

  • Click Preferences

  • Click Security

  • Click Show Cookies

  • Click Remove All

  • Click Done

  • Restart Safari


  • Click My AOL at the top of the web browser

  • Select Preferences

  • Click the WWW icon on the left hand side

  • On the right hand side, click Empty Cache Now

  • Click the Advanced Settings button on the right. A new window will open for editing Advanced Settings.

  • To the left under Receiving, click Cookies

  • Highlight all cookies and press the Delete key on your keyboard

  • Restart AOL


  • Click the Firefox menu

  • Select Preferences

  • Click the "Advanced" icon

  • Click the Network tab

  • In the 'Offline Storage' or 'Cache' section, click "Clear Now"

  • Click the "Privacy" icon

  • In the Cookies section, click "Show Cookies"

  • Click "Remove all cookies"

  • Click the "OK" buttons to close the 'Cookies' and 'Preferences' boxes

  • Restart Firefox


Internet Explorer 6

  • Click on the Tools menu, then Internet Options.

  • Under the option "Temporary Internet Files" are three buttons, "Delete Cookies..." "Delete Files..." and "Settings..."

  • Click "Delete Files". Click OK to clear the browser's cache. This may take a few moments.

  • Click "Delete Cookies". Click OK to clear your browser's cookies.

  • Click OK to close the Internet Options window.

  • Restart Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7

  • In Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" option at the top

  • Choose "Internet Options" from the menu that comes down

  • In the box that comes up, click the "Delete" button under the browsing history area

  • In the new box that appears, click the "Delete Files" and "Delete Cookies" buttons

  • Click the "Close" button to close that window

  • Click the "Ok" button to close the Internet Options window

  • Restart Internet Explorer


  • From the AOL Login screen, click the Settings menu, then click Preferences.

  • Under Organization, on the right side of Preferences, click on "Internet Properties (WWW)".

  • The "AOL Internet Properties" window will open. Under the option "Temporary Internet Files" are two buttons, "Delete Files..." and "Settings..."

  • Click on Delete Files. Click OK to clear the browser's cache. This may take a few moments.

  • Click on the Settings button. The Settings window will popup. There are three buttons in the bottom half of this window: "Move Folder...", "View Files...", and "View Objects...". Click on View Files.

  • The "Temporary Internet Files" window will pop open. Go to Edit and choose "Select All" to highlight all the cookies.

  • Hit the Delete button on the keyboard. Click "Yes" to confirm you want to delete the Cookies.

  • Close the Temporary Internet Files window.

  • Click OK to close the Settings popup.

  • Click OK to close AOL Internet Properties.

  • Close Preferences to return to the AOL Login screen.

  • Login to AOL and please try our site again!


  • In Firefox, click on "Tools" on the top menu bar

  • Click the "Clear private data" option

  • Make sure the "Cache" and "Cookies" options are check marked

  • Click the "Clear private data now" button

  • Restart Firefox