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 Buying - Textbooks

    Buying textbooks on Half.com is quick, easy, and fun. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you buy the right book at a great price.

    • Your instructor will often choose a particular edition or year of a textbook to teach for class. To make sure the book you're buying is the same one your professor requires, compare the book's International Standard Book Number (ISBN)—a number usually found on the back of every textbook—with the ISBN on Half.com. If the ISBNs match, you can be assured you have ordered the correct book.

    • Be on the lookout for old editions. Half.com offers older editions of textbooks at a substantial discount. When you find the textbook you're looking for, click See other editions to see if there are older versions offered at better prices. Before you buy, you might want to confirm with your instructor to make sure an older edition is acceptable for the course. Sometimes older editions will have different exercises or may be missing chapters. If you're in doubt, purchase the correct edition and you'll still save a lot of money.

    • If you need your book in a hurry, be sure to choose Expedited Mail as the method of shipment. The default method, Media Mail, can take as many as 14 days for delivery.

    What is an ISBN or UPC and how do I find it?

    Most books have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and a Universal Product Code (UPC or bar code). These are unique catalog numbers and codes that identify a particular item. They can usually be found on the back cover and can help you search for your book on Half.com.

    • If you can't find the ISBN for your book, try searching using the UPC instead.

    • Make sure you enter the full ISBN, including the letter X that is sometimes part of the number. Some books may have more than one UPC barcode, so make sure you try both numbers in your search.

    • Some books may have an ISBN-13—a 13-digit code assigned to books starting on January 1, 2007—as well as an ISBN-10, which were assigned to books before Jan. 1, 2007. When entering UPCs, make sure you include any smaller numbers that appear to the left or right of the main barcode numerals. If this doesn't work, try removing those numbers in your search.