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 Half.com - Feedback

How does the Feedback system work?

Feedback represents your permanent reputation as a Half.com member. It’s made up of comments and ratings left by other members you've bought from and sold to. These comments and ratings, along with your overall Feedback Score, are available in your Feedback Profile.

For each transaction, buyers and sellers can choose to rate each other by leaving Feedback. Feedback from buyers can consist of a positive, negative or neutral rating, and a short comment. Feedback from sellers can consist of a positive rating and a short comment. These ratings are used to determine Feedback Scores. With some exceptions, Feedback works like this:

  • A positive rating increases the Feedback Score by one point

  • A neutral rating leaves the Feedback Score the same

  • A negative rating decreases the Feedback Score by one point

Each member may affect your score by one point (positive or negative) per transaction. Members have the ability to leave repeat feedback for trading partners when the transaction ends in a separate week.  For Feedback, eBay defines a week as Monday through Sunday, Pacific Time. 

For example, a buyer wins an item on Tuesday, then receives it and gives the seller positive Feedback on Thursday. If the buyer wins another item that week with the same seller, the Feedback the buyer leaves will not count toward the seller's Feedback Score. If the buyer wins another item the following Tuesday, the Feedback will count toward the seller's Feedback Score.

Repeat Feedback submitted before early February 2008 does not affect Feedback Scores. Repeat Feedback submitted once a week counts toward members' Feedback scores starting in February 2008.

Important things to know about Feedback

  • You cannot remove Feedback comments you have left, so be sure to leave only fair and factual comments and ratings that relate to a specific transaction you had with your trading partner

  • Usually a high Feedback Score is a good sign, but you should always check your trading partner's Feedback Profile to read comments and look for negative remarks

  • If you are a buyer, contact your seller to try to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative Feedback

  • You must be a confirmed member to leave and receive Feedback. You may leave and receive Feedback on items you purchase as a guest after you confirm your registration.

  • When a member is suspended, eBay will remove any neutral or negative Feedback left by that member

  • Buyers must wait at least seven days before leaving a negative or neutral Feedback for a PowerSeller who has been registered on eBay for at least 12 months

Circumstances where Half.com will consider removing Feedback

Feedback (ratings and comments) may be removed in the following instances:

  • There is a violation of the Feedback Abuse policy

  • A member is unable to form a legally binding contract at the time the item ended or Feedback was left

  • A member provided eBay with an email address that is invalid and could not be contacted at the time of the transaction

  • A member mistakenly leaves negative or neutral Feedback intended for another member, informs eBay of the error and has already placed the same Feedback for the correct member

  • If a member is suspended by eBay, negative & neutral Feedback left by that member is removed.  If a member is suspended within 90 days of registration, all Feedback is removed

Detailed Seller Ratings

In addition to leaving an overall Feedback rating (positive, neutral or negative) for a seller, buyers can also leave detailed seller ratings. These are anonymous ratings that are displayed on the seller’s Feedback profile as averages. With detailed seller ratings, buyers can provide additional information about the transaction, and Half.com sellers can get a more complete picture of their performance in 3 key areas:  item as described, communication and shipping time. The detailed seller rating system is based on a one- to five-star scale. Five stars is the highest rating, and one star is the lowest. Detailed seller ratings do not impact the overall Feedback Score.

Where to find detailed seller ratings

Detailed seller ratings are located on the top of each seller’s Feedback Profile. The table shows the seller’s average rating for each of the criteria, and the number of ratings they’ve received. Average ratings are computed on a rolling 12-month basis and will only appear when at least ten ratings have been received. If a buyer has left multiple detailed seller ratings, the average of the buyer’s ratings for that seller will be used when calculating the seller’s detailed seller ratings.

Buyers - How to leave detailed seller ratings

You can leave detailed seller ratings on the Leave Feedback page after you select your overall rating (positive, neutral or negative).If you choose to leave detailed seller ratings, you must leave them at the same time you leave your overall Feedback rating and comment. When you’re rating the seller, please keep the following in mind:

  • Be honest. Objective ratings help sellers improve performance and help future buyers accurately evaluate sellers

  • Review the item title, comments and quality rating before rating the seller on the item as described

  • Consider only business days when evaluating communication. Sellers don’t always check email on weekends and holidays.

  • When rating sellers on shipping time, rate the seller on the time it took them to mail the item, not the time it took you to receive the item. Also keep in mind what method of delivery you purchased.  You shouldn’t hold sellers responsible for delays in mail services.

Sellers - Tips to help improve your detailed seller ratings

  • Accurately rate your item and cover all defects in your comments. Write as if there were no pictures so you leave no doubt in your buyers mind about what they’re getting.

  • Follow the Half.com Shipping Policy

  • Use the PayPal Shipping Label solution to pay for shipping with and print labels right from your computer. It makes your job easy and you and your buyer will automatically receive an email with the date you shipped the item and the tracking number.

  • Promptly and clearly communicate - respond to emails from your buyer and proactively provide order status updates as needed

  • When a problem arises, don’t assign blame. Work with your buyer to resolve the problem quickly and professionally.