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 Buying - Pre-Orders

What is a Pre-Order and how does it work?

A Pre-Order allows you to create a purchase for an item that is currently not available on the site. Through a Pre-Order you are able to select the maximum price, minimum condition, a seller’s minimum feedback rating and an expiration date for the item you wish to purchase. Once you have submitted a Pre-Order you will receive a confirmation email informing you that the Pre-Order was successful. 

When a product becomes available on the site and matches the criteria you specified, we will process your order and notify you that your Pre-Order purchase has gone through. You will also be able to verify the success of the order by accessing your ‘Purchases’ page from ‘My Account’.

Pre-Order requests are filled based on your specified criteria of price, condition, seller rating and date submitted. Due to changing supply levels, we cannot guarantee that a given order will be filled.

Please note:
If you are not sure you want to purchase the item, do not place the item on your Pre-Order list. Instead, we suggest that you place the item on your Wish List. Once an item is purchased through a Pre-Order, you are unable to make any edits or cancel the Pre-Order as the seller will have 72 business hours to ship the item to you, and will often ship within hours of receiving your order. At Half.com, purchases are made from other Half.com members across the country.

Buyers can cancel their Pre-Order any time before it is fulfilled by the seller. Once a seller fulfills the order, the order becomes a sale and cannot be cancelled. This includes duplicate orders. All sales are final, except for those cases defined in the Half.com Buyer Protection Policy.

To ensure that your Pre-Orders go through successfully, you need to be a registered member on the Half.com site or be signed into your account.

How do I Pre-Order an item?

If the item you wish to purchase is not available, add it to your ‘Pre-Order’ list by clicking on the ‘Pre-Order this product!’ link at the top of the item’s product information page. On the next page you will be asked to specify the maximum price you want to purchase the item for, the minimum condition you desire the item to be in, and the minimum feedback rating you want the seller to have. You will also need to include an expiration date which determines the amount of time the item will remain as an active pre-order through your account.

Check the box next to ‘Send me email updates on this pre-order’ to make sure you receive notifications concerning your Pre-Ordered item. To finalize the Pre-Order, click on the red ‘Continue’ button.

How do I edit or delete the items in my Pre-Order list?

To edit your Pre-Order items, click on the ‘Pre-Order’ link from your ‘My Account’ page. Once you have made the adjustments to your Pre-Ordered item(s), click on the red ‘Save Changes’ button.

You can cancel a Pre-Order any time before it is fulfilled by a seller.

How will I know if my Pre-Order went through?

When your Pre-Order purchase goes through, you will receive a confirmation of purchase email which is sent to the email address registered to your account. You are also able to verify that the order has gone through by clicking on the ‘Purchases’ link from your ‘My Account’ page.

Does placing an item in my Pre-Order automatically charge my credit card?

Your credit card will not be charged until we find a product that matches your specified criteria.

The items on my Pre-Order list have disappeared, what happened?

If the Pre-Ordered items have elapsed the expiration date by 90 days, they are automatically removed from your Pre-Order list. You are more than welcome to place these items back on your Pre-Order list at any time once they have been removed by the system.

How will I know my Pre-Order item(s) are about to expire?

Before your Pre-Order item(s) expire, an email is sent to you informing you that an item is about to expire. The email will show you the item which is about to expire and supply you with the actual expiration date so you might access your account to update this date if you don’t want the item to expire.

When an item is about to expire it means that there were no sellers offering their item for the criteria you selected and that we were unable to fill your Pre-Order.