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 Buying - Shopping Cart

Using the Shopping Cart

When you add an item to your cart, you can see:

  • The item's title

  • The item's price

  • The shipping cost

  • The item's condition

  • The shipping method

  • The seller's user ID and Feedback score

You can also move an item in your cart to your Wish List, change the shipping method (if available), or remove the item from your cart.

To make sure you get the most out of your buying on Half.com, we like to recommend items to you that you may not have seen on the site but think you might find interesting. You'll see our recommendations on your Shopping Cart page. Recommendations are based on items currently in your cart, Wish List items, and purchase history. To add a recommended item to your cart, click the Buy button.

Remember that after you add an item to your shopping cart, it will stay there for 60 minutes after your last visit to your cart. After that, it will be returned to inventory. This helps make sure that the items you and others are looking for are in stock as often as possible.

If an item is removed from your cart after 60 minutes, you can still find it in the Items previously in your cart section. From there, you can either purchase the exact item (if it's are available), or see similar items. You can also add them to your Wish List from this section.

You'll see up to 100 items that were previously in your cart, as long as you were signed into your account when you added the item to your cart.  

Note: Items that you remove from the Shopping Cart won't appear in the Items previously In your cart section.

How Do I Save on Shipping for Books, Music, Movies, and Games?

You can save on shipping if you purchase more than one item from the same seller. If you have one item from that seller in your cart already, you can click on the seller's name or the Buy more from seller to save on shipping link to see what other items the seller has available.

To see how much you can save by purchasing multiple items from the same seller, read more about our shipping costs.

Using Find Another One

If you want to buy more of the same item, click the Find Another One link next to that item. You can then add more of the same item to your cart.

Checkout Options

There are 2 ways to check out at Half.com:

  • Speedy Checkout allows you to purchase items using a preferred payment method and shipping address that you already added to your account. Using Speedy Checkout is the fastest way to check out. Find out more about Speedy Checkout.

  • Standard Checkout will ask for verification for both your payment method and shipping information.

No matter which checkout option you choose, we ask you to verify your password and user name to ensure privacy and security.

Changing the Shipping Method

If a seller offers more than one shipping method, the Change Shipping link will appear beneath the item and shipping costs. Click it to choose a different shipping method for the item. Please note that changing the shipping method will change the Shipping & Handling total in the Order Summary.

Find out more about shipping methods and charges.

Security and Privacy Guaranteed

At Half.com, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We won't sell or lease your personal information to anyone, and we utilize the latest encryption software to protect all of your transactions. For more detail on our commitment to safe shopping, read our Privacy Policy.