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 Half.com Closing Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTIFICATION : Half.com will be closing on August 31, 2017. Returns and refunds will continue to be processed until October 31, 2017.

    When will Half.com site shut down?
    Starting on September 1, 2017, Half.com will redirect to eBay.com, but there will be an option to go to the My Account page on Half.com to manage returns or refunds.

    Why is Half.com shutting down?
    We believe we can provide a greater selling opportunity for our selling community, and a better shopping experience for our buyers, by focusing on the core eBay.com platform.

    What will happen to transactions that happen on or before August 31, 2017?
    All transactions that happen on or before August 31, 2017 will be processed and will show in the My Account page on Half.com.

    Will I be able to access the Half.com My Account section after August 31, 2017?
    Yes, the My Account section will stay active until November 30, 2017 to manage returns or refunds.

    What will happen to listings on Half.com starting on September 1, 2017?
    All listings on Half.com will be automatically removed starting on September 1, 2017.

    Will Half.com continue to process returns/refunds on items sold prior to September 1, 2017?
    Half.com will process returns/refunds for 60 days following the transaction until October 31, 2017 for transactions occurring on August 31, 2017.

    Can I use my Half.com account to list on eBay?
    Yes. To start selling, sign in to eBay using your Half.com username and password.

    Why should I sell on eBay?
    eBay offers a modern retail marketplace that enables sellers to start, optimize, and grow your businesses in today’s competitive ecommerce environment. eBay has a robust and growing Media category across all types of physical media, including Books, DVDs, Vinyl, and more. Our selling fees in the Media category are among the lowest online compared to other major online media marketplaces.

    How do I get started listing on eBay?
    Please visit the eBay Seller Center to get started listing on eBay.com.

    Does eBay have a catalog?
    Yes, please visit the page for listing an item with product details for information on how to list an item using the eBay catalog.

    What are the fees to sell on eBay?
    Visit the eBay Seller Center to learn about the fees and features of listing on eBay.

    How do I open an eBay Store?
    To be an eBay Stores subscriber, confirm your contact information is accurate, have a credit card on file and a verified PayPal account. Visit the eBay Seller Center Stores now to find out more.

    How do I estimate shipping costs on eBay?
    To learn more about shipping your items on eBay, go to the eBay Seller Center Shipping Basics to get more information on the shipping options on eBay.